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Leadership Traits Essay

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Leadership Traits Essay

Leadership traits are important upon becoming a Marine. It is important because with leadership traits you can gain respect, honor, and give off a certain image of authority and confidence to others. With leadership traits you can become and be a better person and feel good about yourself. Two leadership traits that are important to me are courage and bearing. One trait that I need to work on is dependability.
Bearing is important to me because it shows confidence and creates an overall appearance. You also create and impression on the way you carry yourself and the way you act. Even in difficult situations you should present yourself with confidence so you don’t look weak or unsure in someone else’s eyes. With bearing, it can make you understand yourself by being confident and give a positive attitude so that others may trust and depend on you better. It sets the example on how marines should behave and conduct themselves.
Having courage to do what’s right is never easy but necessary. Courage is overcoming obstacles and gaining respect by doing what is right. When you take the steps to become a marine, you must have the courage to overcome obstacles such as boot camp and being put on the spot in front of everybody. Your friends might ask you to do something stupid but it takes courage to do the right thing and not give in to peer pressure and your own personal values.
Being dependable is the most important trait if you want respect and trust. Respect and trust are important when you become a marine. To earn this you have to be dependable, and by being dependable you have to portray everything that it takes to be what is needed. I’m not very dependable if you need me too be somewhere at a certain time, therefore it is hard to trust me to be where ever in a timely fashion. To me I need to work on being more dependable by showing up to zero hour on time and wake up earlier.
To me having courage and bearing are the most important...


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