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What Is the Global South? What Does It Reveal About the New Pattern of the Global Distribution of Wealth and Poverty?

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What is the Global South? What does it reveal about the new pattern of the Global distribution of wealth and poverty?

After the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union were the main actors in the international arena. The idea of categorizing countries by their economic and developmental status began during the Cold War and these two countries and their allies, between East and West, was concentrated on Europe. Why? Both sides had their most important interests. Soviet Union represented the developing east (Second World), and the United States represented developing west (First World) with the even less developed countries constituting the Third World.
The First World became the “North” and the Third World became the “South” it is mean that south countries are located in the Southern Hemisphere. “The term “third world” started life with a meaning far different from that which it commonly has today – that is, of poor, less developed countries somewhere to the south.” The term today generally refers to all the Underdeveloped Countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Division between the Global South and the Global North might be best approached as a division based on class rather than state or geographically determined, because life for most people in the Northern Hemisphere is very different from that in the Southern Hemisphere. Why?
The countries of the Global North are those that are wealthy with declining birth rates, ageing populations in contrast “ [...] The Global South is home to more than 80 percent of world’s people but commands less than 20 percent of its wealth.” It is mean that yearly number of deaths per 1,000 in the Global South is higher than that found in the Global North. Moreover overall dependency burdens represents only about one-third of the populations of Global North about almost 45% of the population of the Global South. Global South countries also are characterized by low productivity, high rates of population...


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