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Loosing Weight

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Celona Adelia R. / 121012005

Argumentative Writing
Topic sentence: Losing weight by consuming medicine
Reasons: - Listlessness
- Anorexia
- Drought Uterus

I’m against losing weight by consuming medicine because it causes many health problems, such as: listlessness, Anorexia, and drought uterus. The first fact that I saw from people who consume the diet medicine is listlessness. Both men and women who consume the medicine will look pale and suffocated; because the effect of the medicine is making the consumers feel full and don’t want to eat any “heavy food”, such as: rice, noodle, etc. They just want to eat snack or kind of food that won’t make them full. That will make the body lack of carbohydrate to produce energy. That’s why they will feel sleepy and suffocated. Another disadvantage of consuming the diet medicine is Anorexia. It happens when someone wants to lose his/her weight in purpose and in some way, for example people who consumes the medicine. They keep consuming it, until they cannot control their body. Every day, they become thinner and thinner and that’s what we call as Anorexia. It’s quite difficult to cure it, because the metabolism system in the body has changed. The most dangerous effect of consuming the medicine is drought uterus. This is happened in women, because as we know that uterus is only owned by women. Uterus is one of the most important parts of the women’s body, because this part has important role in reproduction system. Actually, the drought of uterus is long-term effect of consuming the diet medicine. When a woman drinks medicine, it will absorb everything that contained in the wall of uterus and make the wall thinner and dryer. If women don’t realized about it, the uterus wouldn’t work properly, or maybe totally damaged. In medical term, it calls infertile. In conclusion, do not ever consume the medicine to lose our weight because that contains chemical substance which is not good for our body. If we want to lose our...


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