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Atticus Qualities

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Atticus’ Qualities

In the novel of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, he illustrates a very interesting family. They are called the Finch’s and include family members named Scout, Jem, and Atticus. Atticus, being the father of the two children, is a very wise and thoughtful man even though he is almost fifty years of age. In Chapter 9, he is willing to help a black man even though most people in his town believe he should not do so. He already knows that he will be misjudged while helping him and that his children might deal with hatred that they might get at school as well. Believing that the man needs help, he is willing to take all of this criticism and put it behind him so that he can get his “job” done without further delay. Atticus also explains to Scout that she should not get in a fight with someone if a person makes fun of him because he is helping a black man or if that person calls him an Negro lover. He simply tells her to fight with her brain/mind instead of her fists; therefore, causing a better result. (Pg. 76) Additionally, he is very peaceful and non-judgmental. This is expressed on page 49 when Atticus says “I’m going to tell you something and tell you one time: stop tormenting that man. That goes for the other two of you.” (Atticus) He does not want his children to bother the Radley’s since they would not like it themselves if the same situation were to happen to themselves. Atticus makes the children believe that if Boo Radley would want to come out, he would. Finally, Atticus carries a tremendous sign of integrity and is a fair father to the children. Scout earlier told Jack that Atticus always listens to the both sides of the story whenever there is a quarrel between family members. (Pg. 85-86) This demonstrates fairness because he does not simply listen to Jem for example, but instead he also listens to Scout too. This allows Atticus to see more clearly of what has to be done in order to stop the trouble. In conclusion, the term “good...


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