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Deliberate War of Aggression

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Germany planned and waged a deliberate war of aggression.
How far do you agree with this assessment of the causes of World War One?

Germany made aggressive moves before World War One which have made historians such as Fischer suggest that Germany was fully responsible for the outbreak of war. However, evidence suggests that Germany wasn’t the sole master planner for war; instead there were other factors that occurred and contribute for war. Overall evidence suggests that every country accepted the idea of war because of their own personal interest, therefore no one step-back.

Germany planned and waged a deliberate war of aggression because of their ambition and imperialism. Otto Von Bismarck, Germany’s chancellor had tried to keep peaceful and secure relationships with other countries due to the German unification in 1871. However in 1888 he was replaced by Kaiser Wilhelm II. Under the control of Kaiser Wilhelm the peaceful policy of Bismarck changed drastically into an aggressive one, this could be reflected on the policy adopted in 1897 called “Weltpolitik.” The new policy aim was to make Germany have world influence, and to achieve this Germany had to obtain colonies and naval expansion. The Kaiser was very ambitious and had the idea of making Germany gain it’s “place in the sun,” and through this new policy he could achieve his aim. It is suggested that because of this policy Germany was planning for war because as the Kaiser made it clear they would do anything so that they could achieve their empire. We could see the “Weltpolitik” show in both Moroccan crisis were Germany was trying to demonstrate their power against France and Britain, again it demonstrated the principles if German’s aggression. This new policy threatened the European balance therefore countries such as France, Russia and Great Britain started to fear of the new German threat. As historic knowledge suggests, after every war countries’ borders and colonies change as the victorious...


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