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Romeo and Juliet, a Tragedy

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Romeo   and   Juliet ,   A   Tragedy
Romeo   and   Juliet   by William Shakespeare is known as a comedy,   tragedy,   and

sometimes both comedy and tragedy.   Romeo   and   Juliet   is a tragedy because there are arguments,   young lovers,   and deaths.
Everyone that reads Romeo   and   Juliet   knows there’s a disagreement between two families,   Capulets and Montagues ( Higgens, Lacey 1 ).   The two families have been in a feud for many years,   this may have interfered with the outcome of   Romeo and Juliet.   The two families have been in a furious feud for over six long years then Romeo and Juliet committed suicide. If the disagreement of Tybalt and Mercutio wouldn’t have happened Romeo most likely would not have been banished.   Romeo and Mercutio argued about going to the Capulets’ party if they wouldn’t have Romeo never would’ve met Juliet in the first place.   Therefore,   arguing makes this novel more of a tragedy to the reader.   Since Romeo “gave in” to going to the dance he ended up meeting Juliet and fell in love with her at the first sight,   which ended up being a very bad thing.   The following sentence makes it even more of a tragedy,   which I am trying to prove.
The two characters in the book that everyone knows about is Romeo and Juliet.   I mostly think it’s a tragedy because the word tragedy,   is in the title,   but that is just my opinion.   If Romeo wasn’t forced to go to the dance, he would not have met Juliet
( Chen, Chris. 1 ).   If Juliet would not have kissed Romeo maybe he wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. Juliet could’ve also told him that she was a Capulet maybe Romeo would back off. Shakespeare is just trying to make this novel dramatized by putting a young relationship in it ( Nevo, Ruth 2 ).   In my opinion this is more ironic than anything else.   Since Romeo and Juliet did meet it makes this story what it actually is,   a tragedy.  
Lastly,   but certainly not least,   if there weren't so many deaths in the story,   the stress wouldn't be so high....


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