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The Contributions of the West

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Within this essay I will highlight the positive contribution of six civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire, The Middle Ages,and the Renaissance. It is my belief that each of these civilizations influenced the others in such a way that they expanded on the wisdom received to find more knowledge and understanding stemming from their predecessor. Thus becoming our way of life in this day and age.
One of the greatest contributions in my opinion of the Egyptians was there ability to build, they constructed tools such as the lever and pulley which brought Egypt to its height of architecture. These tools and their ability to make the work go faster led to the development of cities and temples which led to the founding of Western Civiization.
Another great contribution of the Egyptians consisted within the development of paper which was called “papyrus”. This led to the advancement of text. Making it a lot easier to transport being that paper was much lighter then the clay that they had originally use to write upon. Also it led to the advancement of the type of writing this new writing was similar to that of cuneiform but with more of a spiritual meaning and was called hieroglyphics.
Also the practice of mummification helped them to gain knowledge of the anatomy. As their knowledge grew they had a better understanding as to why certain illnesses attacked the body.   They combined their spiritual and rational medicine together being that the Egyptians believed that the Gods caused most of the illnesses combining both types of medicine proved complementary in affective curing of many illnesses.
The Greeks brought Egyptian education and their   influences to the western world. Pythagorus was one of the first to enunciate the culture religion and philosophical teachings of the Egyptians. As the knowledge he passed on to his followers derived from what he had learned. As the philosophers expanded on what he taught them, which was one...


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