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Learning Organizations

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Reflective Paper
                                                                    OMM 625
                                              Learning Organizations & Effectiveness
Alston Mason
April 24, 2012

                  With the economy being as it is, it would be fair to say that it has gotten to be very complex for a great amount of reasons such as being multicultural, competition and just the ever changing.   Organizations of today no matter the business have trouble striving, succeeding because of their inability to adapt to the changes that is happening around them and thus is causing a lot of businesses to fail considerably.   Lack of a good business relationship with customers is also a huge problem but could be easily rectified if they take the take to make the appropriate changes needed to make their business successful.
          Characteristics of the ideal learning organization is one that proactively creates, acquires, and transfers knowledge and that changes its behavior on the basis of new knowledge and insights (Kinicki & Kretiner 2009).   Learning Organizations strive to reduce the barriers because they are all about promoting new ideas and information and this is done by hiring new people that have new ideas to bring to the table and also because the different mixer of cultures sometimes makes it more interesting and when it comes to learning organization culture it is basically about understanding and improving what is already there and doing continuous testing and challenging the way organizations do things.  
          Organizations strive to reduce structural processes and interpersonal barriers when it comes to sharing information and ideas among their members.   Because organizations encourage change it is also very important that their employees are encouraged also to change their behavior as well especially towards each other and their customers.   Organizations must make sure that the level learning their...


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