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How to Extend the Life of the Hollow Block Machine

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How to extend the life of the hollow block machine_Ivylm522The rock samples were prepared and tested in the laboratory to International Society for Rock Mechanics Standard for each strength test carried out using Masonry Saw Machine and Compression Testing Machine and Point Load Tester respectively. The readings were taken and recorded. The size reduction of equal weighed of the rock samples was done using Laboratory Jaw Crusher and the particle size distribution was carried out in notional set of sieves using Sieve Shaker. The crushing times were taken and recorded and the weights of samples retained on the sieves recorded for size distribution. The rock sample were cut into square shape by using masonry cutting machine, the cut samples were smooth, free of abrupt irregularities and strength. Five specimen of each of the rock samples were tested and the failure load was recorded for each test as the failure was observed axially in the compressive testing machine.

Some lumps of the different rock types were then crushed using the Laboratory and taken record of the crushing times. The screening of the crushed rock samples was carried out in a set of sieve using the Laboratory Sieve Shaker. The sieve was arranged in the order of decreasing aperture: 4700, 2000, 1700, 1180, 850, 600, 425, and 212 gm by placing the sieve that has the largest opening at the top and the least opening at the bottom. A tight fitting pan or receiver was placed below the bottom sieve to receive the finest grained which is referred to as undersize. The crushed sample was placed on the top sieve and a lid was used to cover it to prevent escape of the rock sample during the process. The set of the sieve was then placed in a sieve shaker which vibrates the sieve for proper screening. This operation was carried out on the rock sample for five minutes. This was achieved by using the automatic control timer of the sieve shaker. After the screening analysis, the retained sample on each sieve was...


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