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How to Extend the Service Life of the Sand Making Machine

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How to extend the service life of the sand making machine
How to extend the service life of the sand making machine ? We must check the many features before we use the sand blasting equipment, for example: we should check whether the access door is shut, check the rotation direction of impeller, the operation sequence of sand making machine and transportation equipment. When the discharging equipment of sand making machine stopped working, we should stop feeding in time. If the date of sand making machine is normal, we just can ensure the normal operation of sand machine equipment, in order to prevent the accident. The sand making machine may not have severe vibration and abnormal noise during the running, otherwise, we should park to inspect.
We should adopt the grease lubrication to lubricate the equipment, adding amount is 1/2-2/3 of gearing cavity. The proper grease should be added into the equipment every work, so that we can   ensure the fuel-efficient sand making machine, the transmission of sand making machine. The noise topic of sand making machine has been a big problem. Huge noise not only caused environmental pollution, but also affect the efficiency of the workers produce. In order to construct a harmonious society, the engineers has solved the problem of the machine's service life, at the same time, they went on to solve the problem of sand making machine's noise.
We have communicated with customers, we not only hope to understand the product evaluation of customer, what is   important is that we should go into a "standing in customer's point of view, to solve customer problems" new times. To reach the more efficient for company, more saves the customer cost and improve the reaction speed of market. To speed up the technical innovation, the quality management system, reduce the production cost, we should let consumers get benefit!
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