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How to Prolong the Service Life of Jaw Crusher to the Maximum

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Hongxing series Jaw Crusher through the use of sound and light indicator directly indicates pouring, running current and next chamber materials for heavy conveyor little good correlation, and each lower chamber when multiple causes crusher jump stop, therefore, according to the characteristics of the current slat conveyor, developed a solution that is poured in the crusher discharge port to install a warning bell and flashing lights, directly connected to the electrical cabinet relay, when the plate conveyor reach when the current value of a setting, relay, warning lights start flashing, bells are ringing, if the downstream equipment jump stop, when the conveyor current is zero, there will be prompted audible alarm, after receiving the alarm will Stop pouring to prevent blocking material.The wear phenomenon is inevitable in the daily operation of jaw crusher, only do we regularly maintain the machine we can prolong the service life of a jaw crusher to the maximum. So we should maintain the jaw crusher shaft, the eccentric shaft and bearing for long-term!First of all,   the jaw crusher is working in the shock load, the service life of the babbit alloy lining on the bearing is about two years at the maximum, if the service life exceeds the time limit, you will need to re-cast. If the oil groove wears and decrease at 1.5 mm, it should reopen a oil groove or adjust it. If the eccentric shaft clearance between the connecting rod head cover and the eccentric shaft wear to1.5 times greater than the assembly clearance, it also need to add pad adjustment or replace a new one. When the bushing babbit alloy has deep ripping or larger abrasions, it should be re-cast.Once again, if the shaft wear is rare, you can do the turnery on the turning-lathe only to repair its geometry to make the shaft neck reach the correct geometry. And then correspondingly reduce the inner diameter of the bearing. However, after a few such treatment, the size of the shaft neck will decrease 5% of the...


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