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How to Prolong the Service Life of the Belt Conveyor

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The belt conveyor designer decides the conveyor arrangement basic drg including space around it, super structure dimensional feature in context of operation, maintenance, etc. He also decides trestle type / location in consultation with structural engineer. The conveyor designer also depict cable place / space, in consultation with electrical engineer. Then this basic drg copy goes to structural engineer, electrical engineer and civil engineer. The conveyor designer inform load / forces acting at all footings of conveyor frame.Belt conveyor, as the continuous   material handling machinery   in a certain line, it is   also known as continuous conveyor. The conveyor can be used for   horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation, it can also compose   space transmission lines, transmission lines are generally fixed. Its conveying capacity is big , transmission distance is long, and also finish a number of process operations in the process of conveying at   the same time, so it has   a wide range of application. The conveyor should generally be started in the no-load conditions.   In order to prevent unexpected incidents, we should set button to start or stop   in place   for each conveyors, you can separately   stop any of them. In addition,   we need to install   the conveyor   with several sets of belt   in sequence, we should adopt   starting device   which can be latched, so that they can be   started   and stopped by   the central control room in a certain order.The trained or experienced   staffs   can find the   impending accident, and take preventive measures. We must pay attention to training and operation   of the maintenance personnel in order to reduce the costs of replacement and maintenance of the conveyor. In order to prevent the conveyor belt will be   longitudinal tear for some reason, when conveyors length is more than 30m   , we should install a stop button in   a certain distance along the conveyor full-length. In order to ensure reliable operation of the belt conveyor),...


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