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The Bright Sides of Video Games

In this modern world where technology is very advanced, video games have become one of the most favored means for people who seek for fun and entertainment. However despite of its popularity, the existence of video games has been often criticized by many parents because of the harmful effects that it can bring to their children. In most cases, video games cause addiction to children, and this is especially true when parental control is weak. Due to this addiction, many children may have problems with their behaviors or physical conditions that include obesity, sleep disturbance, and eating irregularity. Nevertheless, not everything about video games is negative. On the bright sides, playing video games can have several benefits such as: stimulating brain development, educating children, and providing a simulator for certain professions.

For one thing, playing video games can help stimulate children’s brain development. This usually happens when a child plays a certain genre of game that requires planning and problem solving. For example, in a real-time strategy war game Age of Empires, gamers must be able to manage their limited available resources to build up their city, research technologies and, at the same time, raise an army to defeat their opponents. In this case, they need to plan their resource management wisely and decide what strategy that they need to utilize in their attempt to win the game. Additionally, video games which involve puzzles and riddles can extend one’s problem-solving skill. The classic action-adventure game Legend of Zelda may perhaps become a good example of it. In order to complete this game, players must be able to solve all the puzzles and obstacles using various kinds of instruments or methods that they can find within the game. Through these examples, video games can serve as an alternative supplement to help children’s brain development in an entertaining yet stimulating way.

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