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Communication Development

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The core of the Communicative Approach is to improve the communication skills of students, and communication strategy is an important means to improve communication skills. Communication Strategies is the language of language learners with limited resources to overcome the communication barriers caused by the taking skills. This freshman year of 160 non-English major freshmen over a period of eight weeks of the communication strategies of teaching practice, practice, develop communication strategies that help to overcome communication barriers and improve oral communication skills.

I. Introduction

Communicative teaching in the early 70s in the 20th century, the essence of Rob-inson (1984) outlined the "use of language services for the purpose of communication." Which advocates the teaching process to communication, and its teaching purpose is to train students in communication capacity, and develop ways to continuously improve the communication strategy is. Foreign communication strategy began in the last century 70's, 80's period of rapid development into .1980 of, Canale & Swain's model of communicative competence (grammatical competence, discourse ability, social competence and strategic competence linguistics) influential, communicative competence and communicative strategies of the research produced a large role in pushing forward. "Communication Strategies in China is still a relatively blank" (Dai Weidong, Ding-Fang beam 1994) 0 past ten years, China's communication strategy has made encouraging achievements, many scholars began to introduce foreign communication strategy theory, such as wearing a Man Pure (1992), Dai Weidong, beam Ding-Fang (1994), beam Ding-Fang Chuang Chi-like ( 1996), Wang non (2000). Later, the communication strategies of Chinese students ability to carry out empirical research have gradually up, such as high Haihong (2000), Wang Yan (2001), WANG non (2002). In recent years, with the English communication ability in...


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