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Illusion of democracy in Pakistan

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Illusion of democracy in Pakistan


History of feudalism
After 1947
Repercussion of feudalism
Tribal system
Rigged elections
Poor governance
Lack of implementation of ideology of Pakistan
Lack of sense of national integration
Inconsistent Long term policies
Geopolitical location of Pakistan


Implementation of ideology of Pakistan
Process to weaken the land lords and feudal culture
Good governance in all institutions
Friendly foreign policy
Long term policies
Devolution of Power
Positive role of media and social networks
Japan democratic setup suitable for Pakistan

Illusion of democracy in Pakistan

World experienced various forms of governance such as monarchy, oligarchy, military or civil dictatorship and other similar forms of government. These all systems of governments have failed. After the failure of all these systems a successful alternative system came out that’s called democracy. The underpinnings of democracy are fair elections, voting right for everyone, people can elect their representatives. These representatives are also accountable to the common man. Actual democracy can only flourished if all of its characteristics present at a time. But if any democratic system is lacking any one of its basic characteristic then pure democracy can never b established. In Pakistan the dilemma is that instead of lacking any one component of democracy here almost all the essentials of democracy are absent. Pakistan is not only lacking in outer trappings of democracy but also lacking its substance. Substance of democracy is the factor that distinguishes democracy from other forms of government that is to secure the maximum good of the maximum numbers. There are numerous hurdles in the way of democracy that made democracy as an illusion in Pakistan such as feudal system, geopolitical position, lack of fair elections, poor governance and absence of rule of law are some of them...


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