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Root Issues of Pakistan

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Here are few root problems in Pakistan and Solution
1. Pakistan was separated in 1947 from India & it was never liberated till now – From British it has fallen in to the clutch of American imperialism since its inception. This slavery is self imposed by our leader’s choice or by our leaders chosen by Americans.
2.Whether like it or not , Pakistan was already broken in 1971 only after 24 years of it’s birth and further separatist movements in other regions , massive killings and destructions of Muslims themselves within the boundary of Pakistan negates two nations theory totally – it is all time the economic deprivation , struggle or war in a human society and any group or mafia which takes advantage of religion , culture or creed , language and other idealistic philosophies & use it as a tool to exploit the masses to achieve the short term goal or objective.
3. Most of the policies and leaders for Pakistan are made outside either in Washington USA or in London UK . They are some time imported also on ad-hoc basis. This intellectual slavery has been ongoing.
4. Most of the leaders, Army or Non Army, bureaucrats and people of all walks of life have no commitment with Pakistan – They all aspire their future generations to settle in USA, UK or any of prospering Western countries or Arab countries, hence their investments and deposits are also made outside – They live and operate in Pakistan as an expatriate and once they find a suitable time they board the plane leaving behind all the mess they create in Pakistan for general people to suffer.
5. The Landlords have their own mafia group, so have dirty rich people viz Traders, Industrialists, to influence all institutions or systems and they bring corruption to suit their vested interest.
6. Army having been involved in government so frequently and most of the time has its own aspirations to form their own Cult. No wonder Army General or Air force & Naval Chiefs have been involved in looting the...


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