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The Most Embarrassing Moments of My Life

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Every human-being has their own stories kept as the confidential ones. Moreover, everything which is the secret makes us keep the confidential stories secretly without knowing of other people. Besides, if there is anyone knew, it might not be the secret anymore. In addition to, it will bring us troubles and embarrassing. However, we all have our curiosity. Then, the curiosity of other people's secret makes our human-being want to reveal the secret. Furthermore, it begins with simple method, such as making the hole on the wall to peek. Later, it is developed to apply the bug and the CCTV to watch. Then, there is the occupation of detective appearing including with gossip columns from the newspapers and journals , etc to response the curiosity of people. In addition, I am the one who wants to know other people's secret as well. Therefore, all of these telling stories had been occurred from my curiosity and it caused my most embarrassing experience in my life, such as greeting with wrong person , being fainted in the date of welcoming for being the junior generation of university and going to the party with wrong suit which is my last subject. Moreover, these three embarrassing subjects have the details as these followings:
      My first situation had been occurred when I was going shopping and greeted for no one whom I don't know and had bad manner to other people. Moreover, it happened when I was 17 years old which I had been walked with my friends at one shopping Mall. In addition to, there were 5 people and before the time that we had an appointment, I had taken the journey with my close friend who is the mono sexual person and she is the talkative one. Besides, she always likes to treat other people and has talent to make other people misunderstand with her saying also. In addition to, her name is "Cin or Cindy" Furthermore, with her beauty, there was no close friend how was angry with her anytime although they were teased. Then, while I had been walking into...


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