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Psychology - 1

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By: darkangel9753
American Intercontinental University
June 10, 2012

Psychology is a very broad field of study. Within this paper three different aspects of the beginnings of psychology will be discussed. These include structuralism, functionalism, and psychodynamic. This paper will also give examples of each one and compare them within society today. This paper will also discuss some of the main aspects of today that have been influenced by these fields.

Psychology is a very huge field of study where scientist and doctors study the human mind and how the mind works. Different aspects of psychology build upon one another to create the views that we have today. Some forms of psychology are not practiced anymore due to controversy on reliability of test and results.
Structuralism centers on the basics of awareness by using a method of looking inside oneself and studying the actions that one takes in order to better understand who they are, also known as introspection (Cameron, Bassuk, Greif, & Stocker, 2011). An example of Structuralism would be an experiment where someone would describe a piece of fruit in the simplest terms like the temperature, texture, or taste. This description does not include the name of the fruit. Structuralism was the first school of psychology and paved the way for experimental psychology for all others (3.Cherry, n.d.).
Functionalism was formed due to controversy with the reliability of structuralism (3.Cherry, n.d.). This type of psychology centers more on the mental process in a more orderly and exact method, concentrating more on the conscious mind and the effects on the behavior of the individual (Cameron, Bassuk, Greif, & Stocker, 2011). Functionalism also suggests that studying children, mentally challenged, and other mammals could also help understand the mind and the way it works (Cameron, Bassuk, Greif, & Stocker, 2011). An example of Functionalism would be an experiment on...


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