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Psychology My Career

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Psychology My Career

Psychology is one of the most amazing professions and sciences among the others. It is focused in learning about the human behaviors to know why people act in some kind of manners and if these acts can be determined by different methods. There are many theories that explain this phenomenon, from de behaviorist to the psychoanalytical, passing throughout the humanist and constructivist points of view. In psychology it is also required to work using different methods for analyzing situations, contexts, individuals and groups of people. By these researching methods it is more likely to create a diversity of programs to accurate the work of the psychologists in different areas of application.

Talking about human behaviors is too common in psychology. The students have to describe all the acts they can see in a person or a group. For example, if you’re watching a taxi driver you must write all the behaviors he’s doing during an specified period of time: when he stops for picking up a passenger, when he stops for the semaphore, when he stops for a foul he committed, when he decides going for an alternative street, when he turns on the radio, and any situation you can imagine. This is necessary to measure the frequencies of his acts and also to know how he interacts with his context at the time he’s doing any of these activities. This kind of observation it is a practice to recognize in the future different behaviors and in some cases, if necessary, how to change them.

Linked to the activity about learning to describe human behavior, is the knowledge about different types of personalities. There are many theories to represent the personality a person has. Through the psychoanalytical theory it’s possible to know some neurotic and psychotic traits, what dreams represent for the people and also a lot of stuff about the subconscious elements of the human being related to his/her past. The systemic theory has many differences with the...


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