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Career Cruisin

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Choose a career in Career Cruisin’ and create a Power Point presentation.   Present it to the class. Your career should be selected based on your:

    • Survey results
    • General interest
    • School subjects you excel in

        • Research several careers in Career Cruisin’
        • Narrow your search to two careers.
        • Print no more than 2 careers you wish to research.
    • READ through the information and highlight important facts, ideas, and information you wish to convey to your audience through your power point presentation.
    • Click on Start/All Programs/Office Applications/Microsoft Power point and open a new folder.
      Ensure that the following information is included pertaining to your career:
              1. Title page
              2. Job Description Summary in your own words
              3. Describe the working conditions
              4. Earnings – How much money can you earn?
              5. Describe the Education Path you must follow
              6. What Qualifications or Skills do you need to acquire?
              7. Are there prerequisite jobs which must be completed first? (explain/career pathing)
              8. List 3 related jobs
              9. Conclusion (Why did you select this job and what is your plan to achieve it?)
              10. Bibliography

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