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Introduction to Psychology

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Introduction to Psychology

a) Describe how Psychology differs from philosophy and how it developed into a unique discipline. Also, evaluate the significance of differing perspectives in Psychology.

Psychology involves the study of human and animal behaviour, experiences and the mind. The study is carried out using many techniques and it is examined from many perspectives. Most of the techniques emphesize the importance of experimental evidence in support of explanatory theory.

Philosophy of science is involved with the assumptions, foundations, and implications of science. The system is broad with ideas and beliefs about human nature and the nature of the reality we live in. The history of the modern sciences begins with philosophical inquiries, and the scientific method of experimentation and proof remains an instance of the general approach that a philosopher tries to bring to a question - one that is logical and rigorous.

The differences between Psychology and Philosophy are -

|Psychology                                                                       |Philosophy                                                                       |

|is the study of the mind / behaviour                                             |is the study of knowledge in general                                             |
|                                                                                 |                                                                                 |
|(comes from the Greek psychos = soul/spirit)                                     |(comes from the Greek philos = love and sophia = wisdom)                         |

I believe that psychology limits philosophy because psychology sets the boundaries within which philosophy can range. The more   a persons psychological understanding of life is limited, similerly the authentic range of his philosophy will also be narrow. With insufficient understanding of life, the thinker is...


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