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Managing Change

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Managing Change
Amy L. Beechum
Mod 330
Bethel University


In the following paper you will learn the benefits of managing change, take personality test, participating in the Kolb learning style inventory and taking emotional intelligence test. All of the above test will teach your personal styles and what one can do to be successful in life and in their career. These test are very important for success.

Managing Change

    Managing change is an unwelcomed transition for most, but if it is approached correctly with skill, insight, and wisdom it can increase the chance for one to be successful in life. Managing change or transitioning, as most people call it, is recognized as a fundamental survival technique in life. These transitions offer crucial opportunities for personal and career development. The transition process offers each person a template for understanding the stages of personal change. He/She cannot avoid this process but can learn as humans how to adapt and how to make the very best of any situation for work and personal lives. (Orientation to adult learning)
Managing change is a necessary process in order to help deal with the change that has been triggered by any major life event, good or bad. This transition period is similar to a roller coaster ride. A person is very fearful of change as some people are to roller coasters, but once the person get on the coaster and are all buckled in, there is no turning back, and the same is true of change. Once it has occurred in life one must not look back. As the Roller coaster begins to climb the steep incline one still will have thoughts of worry and anxiety, but one will realize the change and the process will go quickly and that there are better things that will be rewarded to each individual.   As the top of the coaster is reached and see the bottom is insight you know a downhill slope is in the near future. One is aware that the adaptation process to change is almost over....


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