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Compare and Contrast Endergame

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In the book Enders game there are two characters that are named ender and peter
They are alike in some ways and different in others. The ways these two are alike are well obviously since they are brothers they have the same parents. Another way they are alike is they both have the will to kill a person. Another way they are alike is they both have had a monitoring device at some point in time
The ways these two are different are. Ender was put into battle school while peter was rejected because he has to violent. Another way they are different is peter feels nothing when he kills he may feel even a bit of joy out of it while ender feels very regretful when he kills. Peter unlike ender ends up being the hegemon of earth (leader of earth) while ender ends up going to commander school on Eros and ends up being a commander and saves the world from the buggers by winning various battles and destroying their home planet killing all the buggers except for one witch ender finds as an egg and takes with him to find a suitable place for a new colony of buggers to arise again. Peter is also cold and maybe even evil while ender is brave. On a final note ender is usually always being manipulated and tricked by almost every one and peter is someone who manipulates people and scares them only for his own selfish reasons

The differences between valentine and Bonezo are valentine is pretty smart
While Bonezo isn’t the smartest and only sees things his own way. Another way is Bonzo is very cold while Valentine is very nice and caring. Another way is valentine is very strategic while Bonezo is simply inadequate in any sort of strategy. And yet another reason is Bonezo got into battle school while Valentine was rejected for having way too much mercy. And a final difference is bonezo rejected ender and disliked him to the extent that he even tried to kill ender at one point in...


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