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Production of Concrete Sand Making Machine Brick Building Standards?

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Production of concrete sand making machine brick building standards?
    cone crusher common faults and eliminate as follows: 1.Oil temperature is too high; causes: poor oil quality; insufficient oil; bearing damage.Remedy: change the oil, or fuel, or replace the bearings.2.Low oil pressure indicator after the start of the oil pump oil flow causes: low temperature; the tubing clogged or the oil pump is not working properly.Elimination of the way: the heat to raise the oil temperature; repair pipelines or oil pump.3.Hydraulic oil temperature rise for many reasons: the tubing or oil ditch clogged,Mobile Crusher the safety valve malfunction.Eliminate way: down to check repairs.4.Contains a large number of fine mud and impurities within the oil causes: sealed dust-proof device failure; plumbing blockage or leak caused by lack of water.Eliminate way: stop re-sealed or cleaning maintenance, replacement oil.5.Crusher strong vibration, moving cone suddenly accelerate the speed causes: poor lubrication of the spindle bushing package tight; movable cone sink or spherical thrust bearing damage; tapered bushing Shangcuan activities resulting with spindle clearance.

  Elimination of the way: the reasons to replace damaged pieces, to overhaul oil pump and pipeline.6.Crushing or idling can hear the sound of splitting causes: liner relaxation; movable cone and fixed cone lining round impact.Eliminate alicey599   way: down to check the screw fastening the zinc coating off.Damaged screws or earrings, you need to remove the adjustment ring replacement screws and earrings; zinc layer off re-cast zinc layer; Check the liner ovality necessary machining.{0}7. {/0}The drive shaft rotary uneven, resulting in a strong percussion pulleys, the moving cone immovable Health reasons: gear badly worn or damaged; join key damage; spindle break.Elimination of the way: the downtime to replace the gear, and the meshing clearance to meet the requirements; replace the join key; replacement spindle...


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