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Hr Practices in Three Selected Hotels

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Executive Summary.

Hotel and leisure industry contributed as a major part of the Sri Lankan economy. It gives lots of job opportunities think that being HR students, there are lots of importance and varies.

The primary objective of preparing this report is to identify and study about the HR practices, training and development activities in Sri Lankan hotels. We have examined about HR practices such as, terms and conditions, HR planning, recruitment and selections, staff welfare, quality issues, communication between the employees and owners and pay systems.

To prepare this report we have selected three major hotels which are situated in greater Colombo area, specially in Negombo. The three hotels were “The Beach”, “Blue Oceanic Beach Hotel” and “Club Hotel Dolphin”.

In order to prepare this report we have collected information from various people who are working in the HR departments of those hotels.

To collect information we use a specific questioner and we discussed those questions in detailed with HR persons. Through the discussion we were able to find out information regarding HR practices and some important issues related to human resources in hotel industry.

We identified that in these three hotels they practice HR practices in a moderate manner. The reasons for this, is that the hotel industry is struggling with some issues that can not be solved during this period. They are;
 Higher labors turnover
 Some burning Global issues
 Most hotels are operating at breakeven

When going through the hotel industry we recognized that the issue which affected thoroughly is higher labors turnover. This has become a critical factor for the existence of the hotel industry. Even hotel industry has no solution to get rid of higher labors turnover because of the current situation of the country. Especially the social, economic and political situation of the country is the major reasons for above issue. As a result of this considerable amount of...


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