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Jaslynn Boyce                                                                              
Mrs. Staggs
1st hour
Persuasive Argument

    “Gina was beautiful; she was queen of the prom but “one day when she woke up
She had the zit that eat Chicago. She wondered how she can get this off her before
Her big night lucky she found an ad for proactive acne cure. Proactive not only cures acne and
Cleans skin but it also gets to the root of the problem. An examination of this product studies
How acne appears, why proactive is the best treatment for acne, and what causes acne
Acne appears in the unusual places in the hormones changes in our bodies the types of acne
That teens get is vulgar acne therefore it usually shows up on your face, neck, upper back and
The chest as resource say the skin has develop a clog that causes swelling and redness to the
Skin the cause of the redness is the leftover make up and the oily substances for an example
That causes acne to appear. Proactive is the only one that deals with the problem and cures
Acne when people, teens first notice they have acne it causes self conscience about their
Skin and getting two or more pimples on one side them about worries how they look in public.
As Dr. Collins says proactive takes care of the skin and give it its support to the skin
And provides   the healthy and beautiful skin. “Proactive acne   solution. Com” states that the
Dirt, debris and bacteria and the oily pores and the old skin cells each pore is an opening a
Canal help keep the skin to lubricated basically. “if there is a difficult and you want relief try
Proactive to have that beautiful acne skin free skin and as Dr. Collins puts its proactive is the
Best of all types of acne  
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