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Once there was a middle-aged man named Carl Friedrich Gauss. Carl is working at a power plant company. He works on his place alone and he doesn’t really want to rely on others. It’s not because he boasts of his intelligence and the capability to be independent, he just want it that way. It was the 1st of November then, when their company was planning to launch a project. They want to build 100 posts that will be connected by Christmas lights so that each post will be connected to the other 99 posts surrounding it. With this project, they will be able to show how cheap electric bills will be if they were the chosen source of electricity. Besides that fact, they believe this will show how clean and safe they work. The problem is, they don’t know how.
“I’ll be counting on you guys. There’ll be a lot of things in store for you if you figure out the answer to our problem. I know that you may see this as a contest. By the end of the month present your discovery to the head committee and the creator of the chosen one will be given special privileges. “ said Mr. Christian Vladimir , the son of the company’s CEO. Whispers and murmurs filled the pause. Eventually, everyone found this as a great opportunity to show what they’re capable of and for revenge.
With only a week left, the tension grew among the employees. Those people left with nothing more to do, stole their coworker’s ideas. Some are tensed and anxious for they grew impatient with their empty minds, yet out of all these, Carl stayed calm and peaceful. He chose not to steal because he is dedicated to his work and he wouldn’t be the panicky ones because he knows that he can think of something that is worthy of these privileges that will be awarded. With that in mind, he started to compute and think of possible patterns with the use of his own resources and not like the new gadgets and the internet. As he was working on it, he noticed a certain pattern.
‘I’ve got it!” he whispered since he thought it better for...


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