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Why Do Kids Bully others Kids? - Essay

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Sharon A. Harris
Why Do Kids Bully others Kids?

Composition II

Instructor:  Kristina Nelson

October 29, 2011

Why children bully other kids? Some reason why other kids bully other kids is because they were trained to bully born bully, are they can’t manage anger and hurt, frustration, or other strong emotions.
To me children that are aggressive are bullies. Either they have seen violence and thinking it okay to act reciprocally with other the way they‘ve seen. Then again some children that bully others are having been bully think others will harm them, so they defend themselves by fights to show they can stand strong. Bullies are very impulsive and active.   The reason I think children become bullies is that they might have been whipped or physical abused or mental abuse by their parents are other older people that they’ve been surrounded by. It’s sad to say that parent bully their own children and to me that terrible feeling to say that some parent takes a part of their kids of becoming a bully.   I think the environments at home plays a lot on bullying. According to the {child discipline with love {“the parents of bullies are not bothered about the problem even if they have seen their kids bully around. Because their children don’t complain about it. And the child doesn’t complain because they aren’t the victim but the cause himself.   And they even have meeting at school but some parents don’t attend them and take it serious enough to get involve.”} And the saying goes what the children see they will think that it’s okay to do it to others. So you have to be careful what you do around children these days because they think if they see dad abuse and treat mom or anybody whom, they think that’s the proper way to act or treat others.  
But Schools also plays an n role in supporting bullying behavior without recognizing it. They do this by recognizing and rewarding certain groups of students. Like the most athletes are always recognize and they always...


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