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Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System
Restorative justice, as part of criminal justice system, has given a fresh outlook to the way we regard criminals, by forcing communities, workplaces, and neighbourhoods to treat criminality with forgiveness and understanding. With the inherent moral and religious backing, it could create better healing. Meetings of community leaders, religious priests, volunteers all come under RJ that assists criminals' reintegration into community by intensive individualisation. Restorative justice works in the lines preached by various religions, which uphold forgiving as superior than pursuit of revenge. It does not push offenders away from the mainstream of society. There is a real need to support teens, their families and the affected communities. RJ mends the offender's ways, renders mental tranquillity that his guilt had been amended and makes chances of reoffending obscure. It gives satisfaction to victims that their worries did not go unheeded, and their cultural dignity was restored. RJ is the most important underlying principle of referral and supervision orders, or any other process to make the offender being accepted back into the society. It is also the basis of victim - offender reconciliation.
Restorative justice on the other hand is the process used when one person or a small group of persons has committed a crime against an individual or the community. In restorative justice, there is a victim and an offender, says Howley, P. (2002, p.199).
The desire of the victims to be counted is the most important part of restorative justice and how well this is covered, is the main parameter of its success. Victims want a less formal process without publicity or legal complications, but would like to be aware of processing and outcome of their cases. They want to participate, to be treated respectfully and fairly, want material and emotional restoration and an apology.
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