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The Inspector's Role in an Inspector Calls with Close Reference to Eric, in Act Three Support You Ideas Further with Reference to the Inspectors Questions of Other Characters.

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The Inspector in an inspector calls has many roles here are just some of them.

I know that the Inspector is a catalist because he says on page 54 act three.''And my trouble is that I haven't much time.You will be able to divide the responsibly between you when I am gone.'' This is suggesting to the Birling's that he does not have much time and he does not care about what they say think or do or how they defend themselves. An example of this would be when Eric reviled that he got Eva smith pregnant, the Inspector asked Eric very quick formal questions, to get as much information out of him as quickly as possible. The reason why this makes the Inspector a catalist is because he is moving thing's along so the characters trip up and revel the information that he needs in order to complete his investigation.Or as Shelia puts it. '' He is giving us the rope so we will hang ourselves.''

I know that the Inspector is a moral judge because he is judging the Birling's on their part in Eva Smiths death, and he is tying to change there view and realise that what we say think and do is all intertwined with other peoples lives and, there hopes dreams and there chance of happiness. An example of this would be on page 54. act three. The Inspector said. ''We are all members of one body.We are responsible for each other. He is attempting to teach the Birling's that they should think more about there actions and what they say, think, and do effects other people. An example of this would be be when Eric revels to the Inspector that he got Eva Smith pregnant. On page 53 act three the Inspector said to Eric. ''So what did you propose to do?'' And Eric replied to the Inspector.'' I insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going.'' I know that he judging him morally because he said. ''So what did you propose to do?'' He is judging him by saying the word. ''You.'' And the Inspector is suggesting to Eric that he should of thought about her, and her situation, and weather she...


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