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Hypnotherapy Case Study on Weight Loss

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Miss W M came to therapy for weight loss. She is a size 20 and would like to be a size 16. In August she is invited to a wedding where she will give a speech and she wants to look very good (she understands that quick weight loss is not healthy, so she is happy if she would not be a size 16 in August, but approaching her goal gradually.) She is 14 stone (approx 88 kg) and 1.48 cm tall, BMI 40.2. She is diabetic, and has to eat regularly.
She is a single mum with 2 teenage sons and often feels tired and stressed. She is a bit worried about the family’s finances. She works in a voluntary organisation too which she find very inspiring.
At the initial consultation I used my notation form and gathered as much relevant information as possible about Miss W. I examined her medical, family and life history, including her childhood and relationship history.
I already had a good relationship with the client because she is a fellow student at the psychology course. At the initial consultation I tried to deepen this good rapport by giving my full attention to her and practising active listening. I used positive sentences that were empowering to help Miss W to feel at ease.
We ascertained her goal: she would like to lose weight gradually and be a size 16 instead of being a size 20. I explained her that the the safe weekly rate of weight loss is between 0.5 kg and 1 kg. That’s between around 1 lb and 2 lb a week. We assessed that for a safe and healthy weight loss she will need at least 6 month (approx 20 kg).
While exploring her childhood history I focused on her relationship with food and dieting. During her childhood the family had just 2 meals per day. They ate a proper breakfast and throughout the day they just drunk (mainly water) and they had another proper meal in the evening. They were eating from one plate so the children had to eat very fast if they wanted to have enough. She kept this habit and eats quite fast....


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