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Aliens On Earth

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It is difficult to know for sure if aliens have visited earth but many people say they have seen UFOs and believe that crop circles were made by aliens but there is still no hard evidence that it was creature from another planet. The story at Bonny bridge where Philip Walton saw what he thought was a UFO but all he saw was lights in the sky .the crop circles were thought to be made by aliens but they could have been made by humans playing a practical joke there is really no way of knowing for sure.                                                                                                                
On the 18th September 1999 BUFORA (the British UFO research association) went to Bonny bridge, Scotland alleged UFO capital. The members wanted to see if they could see any UFOs. After 20minutes one of them saw a bright light just over the horizon. Then over the next half hour the bright light appeared and disappeared but they didn’t know what it was. Then he got excited when it started to disappear and be replaced by six smaller and red lights quickly disappearing into the clouds. We know it was too high to have been a car or house light and he said “the single white light made reappearance back to its original location and promptly divided into two white lights which rapidly flew off in opposite directions and then shot up in to the clouds!” this takes any human element out of the picture it must have been a UFO. Aliens must have visited earth because it couldn’t have been human doing.
She did see a UFO. She had video evidence and the only reason that you can’t see it is because she thought the UFO investigators were with the government. People say that it could have been light off a metal roof or an advertising blimp but you would know if it was a blimp because UFOs are circle and blimps are tied down so they can’t move.
There are also lots of theories disproving the UFO sightings and that what she saw could have been stars naming thing it could...


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