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Who's Responsible for This Mess in India?

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Every time we see anything unfair going on with us we complain. We stretch our self to the highest limit of complaining. We criticize to every extent and we say and do whatever is unethical in order to prove our self innocent and right. We know the reality, we know the reason, we know everything but still we act blank and pathetic.

We only act responsible for our self and we do everything for our self without any excuses or delays. Like I am having an urge for ice cream, I will go to the ice cream parlor and buy one. But when it comes to someone else work, we are full of excuses like my boss asked me to complete a file and I will say I am sick or I will do it later.

Well this mindset will always create barriers in the development as a person and as a business man, we may feel happy and delighted that we delayed someone else work and we have given priority to our self but we will also get this same treatment by others. Don’t believe me? Well the biggest example is our government, who is busy in doing there own personal affairs with publics money, yep your money and avoiding there duty and that is your welfare and countries welfare. You may not link this but it’s really the same thing.

We often feel that we are still backward and undeveloped, the reasons are with us but we don’t want to see them or you can say face them as we don’t have the desired guts to face the ugliest truth lying inside our heart.

The truth is that we are born with unprofessional attitude. We my work in High profile Multi national companies or we may have big relations but we do not behave like a gentlemen. Well we often give the common excuse that others are also doing it then why we cannot? Well this stupid excuse shows our lazy nature which encourages us to follow others without any reason and knowledge.

If you really want to stop corruption and if you really want to see the developments then act responsible. Not only to yourself but to everyone otherwise you will end up...


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