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Jobs in the Funeral Industry

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Types of Jobs in the Funeral Service Industry
Rodney Tremont
Dallas Institute of Funeral Service

English 105
Mrs. Greenberg
September 27, 2012

Rodney Tremont
English 105
Mrs. Greenberg
September 27, 2012

Thesis: Within the Funeral Industry, there are a multitude of jobs.   I have chosen four, which I will discuss the qualifications needed for someone thinking of pursuing a career in these fields. The qualifications and requirements needed for someone to enter this field are detailed in this essay.
I. Funeral Directors
A. Qualifications
B. Licensing
C. Qualities
II. Embalmers
A. Qualifications/Degree
B. Licensing
C. Qualities

III. Chemical Engineers
A. Types
B. Qualifications/Degrees
IV. Cemetery Workers
A. Grave Diggers
B. Grounds Keepers
C. Qualifications

Funeral Directors
A mortician is responsible for arranging a funeral in accordance with the wishes of the deceased and his family. He takes into account every aspect of the funeral service and makes corresponding arrangements. He sets the date, time and place for the burial ceremony in accordance with the requests and requirements of the family members and arranges for pall bearers and flowers for the ceremony. The mortician makes preparations for presenting obituaries in newspapers or other media depending on client requests and confirms timings with the cemetery for burial. Casket decorations, flower arrangements and funeral procession details are part of mortician's responsibilities. Specific job duties include arranging transport for shifting the deceased to the cemetery along with the family members and other funeral attendees; in case of wishes for burial or cremation in another state, the mortician makes necessary shipping arrangements to transport the body.

Morticians need a license to do business. While licensure requirements may vary among states, most of them require candidates...


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