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The Everlasting Effects of Terrorism

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jkIsom Brown
Period 2

One of the greatest disasters in American history seems to have gone on unacknowledged by perhaps the generation most impacted by it. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 are this disaster. My generation, or millennium generation, seemed to have perceived the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 only as a point in time and space, believing this was just a sad day nothing more and nothing less. When in actuality the effects of this event will determine how the United States operates and conducts itself for the rest time. I am one of many that could be placed in this group who disregard the everlasting effects of 9/11, but now as a young adult, I’m beginning to see the significance of the event. Here’s my journey of enlightenment upon the events that occurred that day.
September 1st, 2001 was like any other day for me until I came home after school. I found my mother watching the news awe struck while on the phone with my aunt from New Jersey. Listening to their voices I heard they were filled with be fear and astonishment of the events taking place on the television. On the screen were images of the World Trade Center collapsing, men and women crying, people covered in ash, and utter mayhem. Sitting down I began to realize what had happened after a few moments. I remember feeling bad for the people dying and those dead, but no sense of grief or fear ever came upon me. For me New York might as well have been on another planet, I remained completely unconnected to these events that had taken place. My mother even gave me an in-depth explanation of what happened when she was done on the phone. Yet it had little to no effect on me and I couldn’t see why it should. I believe this how it was for many of my peers after hearing similar stories of what happened in their lives when 9/11 occurred. As I’ve grown up and gained knowledge I began to gain a better perspective of the events that took place that day.
Now as a seventeen year old,...


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