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Try to Understand Men

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“Try to understand men. If you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and almost always leads to love.” ― John Steinbeck This shows that you need to understand the other and it mostly leads to love to show that all humans are reflections of each other and you need others to understand yourself. You need to understand yourself with others through emotional reactions, using them as a mirror to reflect yourself and also to have comments from other people to understand yourself.
Emotional reactions can also tell us who we actually are. Sometimes we really need others just to understand ourselves.   To understand our emotions some else has to trigger the emotion to let you know your limits. You might not understand what will make you cry like a baby until some says that to you. It might be something very simple and very plain that was not meant to be an insult. Some stuff in life might not be obvious to you but when it comes to you, you might be hurt real bad. Maybe seeing an object you may suddenly throw a tantrum because it reminded you of something you hate a lot.
Another way to understand yourself through others is to use people as a mirror to reflect your own reflection of yourself. When people act similar to you and people like or dislike them you can tell if other people like or dislike you because your just like them. Like that you can change yourself when you find out how people think of you or just be yourself. One is like Ryan and Leo are both really similar and they use each other as a reflection for what they do and they learn hwo to annoy other people in school or just make people laugh.
Lastly, people around you can tell you how you are to let you understand yourself. In life you are constantly told by people that you are good bad or any stuff like that. Teachers at school are constantly grading and every quarter of a school year they write about you as a student and that can also help you understand...


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