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Cultures Collide

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Cultures Collide

It All Began in the Spring
It was April 2, 1513 when the world changed for many of natives living in the Southeast Native American Cultural region of North America.   A group of men from Spain known as conquistadors disembarked ships after their long journey across the Atlantic Ocean in the area now known as Florida.   The Southeastern Natives quickly found out that these men were different. They wore colorful clothes that covered nearly every inch of their skin. These men carried guns and rode atop horses as they surveyed the area.
The men were led by an explorer named Juan Ponce de Leon who was in search of land, riches, fame, and the Fountain of Youth. Ponce de Leon and his men did not know the area as well as the natives in this region. After sailing along the western coast of Florida, they returned home without being able to determine the size of this area.

Two Worlds Collide
In 1521, Ponce de Leon returned to Florida. Many of the natives remembered him from the trip he had made seven years earlier. This voyage was different because the conquistador had brought 200 men with the intent to settle a colony. A colony is a community that is governed from a country far away. This colony was to be governed by Spain and would follow the rules of the King and Queen.   The Calusa tribe was known as fierce warriors, and put up tremendous resistance to these Europeans and their diverse culture. There was a deadly battle that took place between the natives and the European explorers. Many of Ponce de Leon’s men were killed and he was wounded. His ships left the area and he died a few days later.
Change is Inevitable
Although the Natives put up a great fight and resisted the European culture, Ponce de Leon placed a flag in the sandy soil and claimed this land for his country. When he did this, he inspired other conquistadors to brave the Atlantic and bring their culture to the shores of this land. Some of the natives in this area learned to...


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