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Capital Punishment (Death Penalty)

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Although there have been many discussions on the subject of capital punishment (i.e. death sentence) , many things are still left unresolved and open to discussion. Capital punishment is widely accepted in the world, especially in economically prosperous, developed, countries (e.g. China, USA, etc.). Nevertheless, we ought to question some morally disputable aspects of it; for it is our moral duty to do so.

Capital punishment is said to reduce the number of criminal activities (especially serious crimes), remove socially unacceptable people out of the society and lots of other useful things. It is believed that it can demotivate criminals of committing serious crimes. Utilitarian ethics behind capital punishment claims that it is justified, even praise-worthy, on the grounds of the so called "greater good". Taking one man's life is acceptable, in their opinion, if it helps the society in general, by making it more secure, for instance. On the other hand, some people don't agree with those claims; they go on saying that capital punishment has no real preventive effect. Surely, they say, there must be a better way of removing unacceptable people from society, for example life long prison sentence. Therefore, they reason, capital punishment is completely unnecessary.

In my opinion capital punishment shouldn't exist anywhere, and I'm glad that my country doesn't have one. There is something utterly obscene in the notion of state killing one of it's members, especially while there are other less violent ways to get rid of criminals and reduce crime in the society. I sincerely think that we should use them, instead of capital punishment.


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