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How We Lie

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Speak Dialectical Journal | |
|“I am outcast. There is no point for       |                                           |I think the author is trying to say that   |
|looking for my ex-friends. Our clan, the   |Pg-4                                       |because the way she is feeling about       |
|Plain Janes, has spitted and the pieces are|First Marking Period                       |herself right now. None of her old friends |
|being absorbed by rival factions.           |                                           |like her. And to her she feelings like a   |
|                                           |                                           |non important factor in school.             |
|                                           |                                           |(Ch)                                       |
|Thwap! A lump of potatoes and gravy hits me|                                           |I think this author is trying to show the   |
|square in the center of my chest. All       |Pg-8                                       |mashed potatoes as a symbol of how Melinda |
|conversations stop as the entire lunches   |First Marking Period                       |is feeling at school. Because mashed       |
|room gawks, my face burning into their     |                                           |potatoes don’t have a shape they just go   |
|retains. I will be forever known as “that   |                                           |every where. So when they hit her in front |
|girl who got nailed by potatoes the first   |                                           |of everybody the way they went down can     |
|day.”                                       |                                           |express how she was feeling at that point   |
|                                           |                                           |of time. (S)                               |
|Heather:   “How can you say that? Why does   |...


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