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If I Have The Power To Change The World

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Brian Baker
Media Essay.

          In the world today there are many different policies and rules regarding the state and the government. Us as citizens we don’t always agree on the decisions that are made but there is not much we can do about it. If I was” King of the world” I would change things up by putting more women in office. Many may ask why I would do this and I would tell them because women are more focus, they can handle many things at one time, and not only that but they will focus on the more important things like, health care, they are very good at consensus building, and they are good at bringing people together and help bridge groups with different views.
          If I succeeded at putting more women in office the first thing that’s I would do is put them in charge of the important things that need to be token care of first. I would have them reaching out to the communities about different issues, just to get them involved. I would have the men doing things like meetings and stuff because, at meetings they don’t really listen to women and they talk over them most of the time and they cant get their point across. But with men they will listen to what they have to say.
I would make this change because women are go getters and they are very good at getting people to come together when they need to. Not only that but women like to hear what the people have to say and get feed back on how they can help them. Women will keep going until the job is done, they won’t worry about a “vacation” they have or what time they are going to the “golf course” they will worry about how they are going to make things better.
                If this happened in real life I would start my self off by getting involved with the community and getting them to vote for women running for office. After that is done and the women are choose I would have meetings an start to get fed back from them on what things we can approve on, then I would let them know...


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