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Post Consumer

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Post consumer
Household food waste, also called post consumer. In the UK 8.3 million tonne of food is wasted every year. On average one third of all the food purchased by households is wasted, of which approximately half is out of date and half is eatable. In financial terms between £250 and £400 worth of food per year is thrown away per household in the UK. All this food has to end up somewhere.
What effect does it have to the environment and the City council? (And where all the food end up)
Wasting food affects the environment and the council. Wasted food from households is disposed through the public waste collection system; the food is either used for landfill or it can be used in nuclear power station. When the waste is used for landfill it produces dangerous chemical called methane; which pollutes the environment and the water supplies. This contributes to climate changes and eliminates insect and injures animals which live in and around the landfill area. This wasted food attracts flies, rats and creates bacteria.
The food Waste that ends up on nuclear power station is incinerated (burnt), which releases a number of air polluting chemicals, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides can cause breathing difficulties amongst people of all age, but children and asthmatics are particularly vulnerable. In addition, these two primary pollutants are converted to acids in the atmosphere and causes acid rain. This damages a range of ecosystems, for example freshwater lakes and forests as well as the animals that live there. For the council it costing them allot of money to clear all the waste.

There are many solution of saving food here are some ideas.
  * Only cook as much as you can eat
  * You can give some food like bread to the wildlife or pet
  * Plan before you buy
  * Stock rotation (what often happen is that, we buy a canned food we put the can at the back of the cupboard...


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