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Social Problem - What is the social problem?

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What is the social problem?

      Social problems are matters which directly or indirectly affect   the person or members of a community and are considered to be an issue, argument related to ethical principles or both. Social problems vary form one person to another or from one community to another in that for, example none-smoker considers smoking as its unhealthy habit while as per the smoker when they are told that its unhealthy they consider that us unfairness which therefore, becomes an issue in the society((Mooney)

      In the society, there are issues like Belief –this is the reasons and meanings given by an individual or a community upon an issue and it is assumed that it is true. It influences the views of an person or a group of people to be taken as a social problem due to different opinions in the society. A drunker believes that drinking is healthy while a sober fellow believes that it is unhealthy this causes conflict in the society because of different belief (Mooney). Values are issues that can be considered to be helpful or useless by an individual or a community, this is whereby people have different religion values which separates the society due to different views of an individual or group of people e.g. Muslims and Christians. In an academic institute, people have different views of whom they should associate with this is because they tend to think that it is out of their class to hang out with low class fellows. (Mooney)

      Health facilities can become a serious social problem if there is luck of enough facilities to cater for the sick and pregnant women in society. The society is being taken care of by the government by introducing programs that that controls medicine distribution to the people in the community to secure their lives hence reduces the rate of death and also medical costs. This is aided by creating health clinic which also reduces health...


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