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Environmental Forces Promoting Social Change

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Environmental Forces Promoting Social Change
Denise Rehana
SOC490: Social Science Capstone
Instructor:  Lynn Lunceford
November 29, 2010

Today the ideal illustration was brought to my attention, which left me contemplating upon this inquiry. What environmental forces promote social change?   The example unexpectedly came from one of my After School Program femal students, who placed a note in the question box.   I recognized after evaluation of the note that most students of her age are beging to speculate about social and gender questions. Her question read “Why boys are more open to acknowledge one another and girls are occasionally shy?” This notifies as much about her own traditions as it does the society in which she lives.   Make a note of the fact of the importance that is placed on the noticeable diversity that she sees between the social and verbal skills, along with status between the sexes. She noted the friendly conversational characteristics of males, but denied them more in girls; and she touched on psycho-social and individuality features between the sexes, which consist of local multi-culture economic and political features of attending a Jr. High with an exceptional combination of cultural factors and strong established gender roles. The environmental concerns above can be distinguished as an essential part of our society today; as it has been for thousands of years, particularly in view of the fact that governed societies are most common all over the world. My objective is not to make an effort to respond to her inquiry above, but to look at the strong points that were concealed within it from the viewpoint of social change.   The outside social forces I will be concentrating on in this dissertation are gender, economics, politics, and culture.   Together, these four environmental areas work together to promote social change at the international/specific and the international/general levels.
Social change is defined as “Significant alteration...


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