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Four Environmental Forces That Promote Social Change,

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The Nazi Party's Influence on Germany

The German's remained to themselves after WWI. Their Government was in a horrible situation with inflation and unemployment. The current leaders of Germany poorly operated their country, and Germany was longing to find someone to step up to the plate and make a difference.
Hitler's Rise to Stardom
Adolf Hitler was an admired man by many of his colleagues and countrymen. He organized a group known as the National Socialist German Workers Party which opposed the WR This group started off slowly in 1927, and commenced to work on issues that would improve their country. This administration failed several times, and landed Hitler the role of second in command due in part to the Beer Hall Putsch, and placed Rudolph Hess as their leader (Kirkpatrick, 2010).
While Hess was in jail because of the crazy attempts to make Germany better, Hitler with his charisma and charm begin to construct and present remarkable speeches, which helped him, gain power and authority. A few short years before Hitler and his troops invaded Poland, in 1937 he made the statement, “Give me Ten year's and you will not recognize Germany, again” (Kirkpatrick, 2010). He was not far from wrong about not recognizing Germany, because, in 1945, this nation was destroyed by the allied forces. However, after Hitler was put into power right after the fall of Weimar Republic and the beginning of WWII, this powerful nation was booming and making some powerful changes. The economy was on top, and the German Frank was one of the strongest currencies in all of Europe. The citizens of Germany were encouraged to set 5 Marks aside every week to purchase a vehicle of their own (Kirkpatrick, 2010).
Architecture was rapidly booming this nation had not seen such a boost since the days of the Roman Empire. Road constructions were making life easier for the average German which made travel more comfortable and easy to access.
Hitler was an exceptionally strong politician and...


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