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Social Changes

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When reading about the Nacirema tribe their beliefs & social changes is so important to them that it is passed down through generations, their culture and behavior patterns will probably never change. Their way of social changing is not so much is by the way that they live but by how little they live with, the nourishment for their bodies is essential but they believe in their religious society. Just imagine or try to understand their ways of economic growth is through their religious rituals. Nacirema’s believe   that their bodies as ugly and that its natural tendencies are full of diseases and the only way of escaping their loom are to keep religious order and ceremonies.

      Each house is secured with a strong box as we Americans would call it but it is also known as a spiritual chest that is inserted into the wall of the poorly run down huts that the Nacirema’s build for themselves. In this chest there are spiritual idols that they pray to; again within each run down hut which they call homes they build a ritual room that is full of shrines that the Nacirema’s families believe to be magical. As each family member spends his time in the room the family member believes that it will pass down magical experiences of security with-in ones soul. Medicine men are used not only to cure the dying or ill but to clean and purify the people from saddens and burdens of the outside forces, but are they really doing that?

      In any case reading this article gave me thoughts of how much we have changed in today’s society and on the uses of the everyday medications that is so easily acquired by the family doctors or drug stores, advancement is what I call it.   As I was trying to understand the thoughts of Nacirema’s by using religion as their guided, it not that I look down on them but I do not understand their beliefs of why if God made the medicine from the earth and has given man the intelligent to extract them, why would he not want us not to use the medication....


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