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Bacon's Rebelion

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Bacon’s Declaration Analysis
​Historical events often remain a debate. Nathaniel Bacon wrote “The Declaration of the People” in July of 1676. As I read this declaration, I get the since that he is very angry. The “Declaration” as it is written, was very hard to read. The difficulty may have been the changes in grammar and spelling as well as his anger spilling out over the pages. This was a time in history when rules were being made, people like Bacon had to speak up and be heard. Mr. Bacon was obviously not the only one with his views. This might be one of the first times it is note in history that both black and white people were fighting together. It was noted that out of the 600 men fighting with him, around seventy of them were black.
​A brief biography of Nathaniel Bacon lends to a better understanding of his position.   Mr. Bacon was born to a wealthy landowner. He came to Virginia as a wealthy influential person. Just these few facts tell me why he was able to have such a following. Mr. Bacon demonstrated a since of entitlement, by the way he “assumed the title of General by the consent of the people.” He was disorganized in his “declaration”. Nathaniel Bacon might have been more successful in his conquest had he organized his thoughts better. This declaration voiced several complaints in the same declaration. The Governor William Berkely saw Nathaniel Bacon as a threat to his position in the Government. A threat can be perceived just by the way a person is approached. Mr.Bacon’s approach through the “declaration” was perceived as a threat. Nathaniel Bacon used threatening statements such as “For haveing abused and rendred contemptable”. These types of statements do not gain respect but in fact put people on the defense.
​The information given on this topic did not state if all 600 followers read this declaration before it was submitted. I would have a hard time believing that a group of that size would all agree with Bacon’s choice of words.   This is one...


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