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Questions related to Operating System
Q1. What are the basic functions of an operating system?
Basic functions of an operating system
An operating system is a group of computer programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices. It is the first program loaded into the computer by a boot program and remains in memory at all times.

Functions of an operating system

The basic functions of an operating system are:

Booting the computer
Performs basic computer tasks eg managing the various peripheral devices eg mouse, keyboard
Provides a user interface, e.g. command line, graphical user interface (GUI)
Handles system resources such as computer's memory and sharing of the central processing unit (CPU) time by various applications or peripheral devices
Provides file management which refers to the way that the operating system manipulates, stores, retrieves and saves data.
Booting the computer

The process of starting or restarting the computer is known as booting. A cold boot is when you turn on a computer that has been turned off completely. A warm boot is the process of using the operating system to restart the computer.

Performs basic computer tasks

The operating system performs basic computer tasks, such as managing the various peripheral devices such as the mouse, keyboard and printers. For example, most operating systems now are plug and play which means a device such as a printer will automatically be detected and configured without any user intervention.

Provides a user interface

A user interacts with software through the user interface. The two main types of user interfaces are: command line and a graphical user interface (GUI). With a command line interface, the user interacts with the operating system by typing commands to perform specific tasks. An example of a command line interface is DOS (disk operating system). With a graphical user interface, the user interacts with the operating system by...


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