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Fuck the Do What You Love Slogan with Smile

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Fuck the do what you love slogan with smile

We have no control on our dreams no matter how much rich or poor we are, we see different dreams and we believe them. We want to pursue them and surely want to accomplish them. We never acknowledge our circumstances and our background. We trust ourselves so much that we consider ourselves the most appropriate for the dream. It’s a usual and common thing humans do. Yes they dream, they dream for good, they dream for luxury, they dream for money and they dream whatever looks like a dream.

Well dream is not anyone’s personal custody so there is no control on our level of creativity and imagination. I can dream of being the prime minister of my country or any one can dream of being a superstar or any cricket player. Well dreams have no boundaries and no rules and regulations.

But do we ever consider the existence of our dreams or any particular dream?

Why I always dream of being a superstar?

Why I always wanted to be an astronaut?

Well our dreams are linked with our thoughts and our likings. Generally what we like, what we love stays in our mind every time. We utilize our maximum time in day dreaming and talking about our particular liking. Well when our love or like exceeds to irresistible limits, we often call it our dream job or our dream profession. Generally dreams are categorized in the column of profession and jobs. There are very less cases where you will dream of marrying your favorite actress as your mind always tells you that it’s not at all possible.

Our mind is so powerful and disciplined that it always advocates us about the right and wrong directions but sometimes we ignore the signals and follow something which is seriously not us. Well as you all know that millions are screaming that do what you love, it does not mean that you will do something really stupid which you love. Like I would defiantly love to work as a wrestler or boxer in heavy weight championship but it’s really not my...


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