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Casting Technology Builds High-Grade Crusher

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      When hammer crusher is working, it receives complex force, and the working conditions are poor, and it receives repeated impact extrusion, shear and contact fatigue stress, there is severe wear, so we choose the materials that must be able to withstand the impact force, but also has a higher wear resistance. In order to effectively prevent the fracture in hammer crusher use., but also we give the product a high abrasion resistance, it is proposed bimetal composite casting way to produce anti-wear products, in order to get good matching between materials performance and production requirements . The so-called double-metal composite, that is, we should make a good match between performance characteristics of the material and the different requirements of different parts, which solves the difficulties of the single material with a high hardness and high toughness at the same time.
     The key technology of bimetal composite hammer crusher is bimetal composite casting process. Generalized bimetallic composite process methods can be divided according to the material state solid / solid, solid / liquid, liquid / liquid composite three categories, specific forming process includes rolling, welding, casting and other methods. Due to the hammer head of hammer crusher is complex shape, rolling composite method can not be applied, only welded composite method and casting compound two categories. It specifically includes four kinds of cast-in-law, coated casting method, the composite casting method and welding method. In recent years, the research and application of these four methods have made great progress. After comprehensive analysis around the hammer bimetal composite casting technology of hammer crusher, we put forward key technology and future trends. If you have any doubts, please consult us, and you can come to our company and fet detailed information. We will try our best to meet your requirements. Hongxing has...


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