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The Features of High Efficiency Crushers

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The feed size of impact crushing machine can be adjusted through a variety of ways, such as regulating rotor speed, adjusting the clearance between counterattack plate and grinding chamber. The gap can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic way. The abrasions of impact crushing machine plate hammer only emerge in the side of contacting materials. When the rotor rotates at a normal speed, the materials will fall to the plate hammer surface, the back and flank of plate hammer are not to be worn. Impact crusher board hammer metal utilization rate can be as high as 45% -48%. Impact crushing machine rotor is only installed with six plate hammers, and one shift time is enough to replace a board hammer. The replacements of grinding chamber and grinding rod at bottom also only requires tens of minutes, greatly reducing the time and cost of repair and maintenance.To solve the employment problem by secondary industry is the prevailing choice of the world. The basic experience of western countries showed that: the manufacturing capital deepening trend can’t be reversed; development of labor-intensive industries did not refer to the labor-intensive in the sand making production line industry, but in the second industrial efficiency.health and sports, culture, arts and broadcasting, film and television industry are still state-owned economy with lacking of competition and poor operational efficiency, which restricts the development speed and scale, and hinders the play of the tertiary industry on the allocation of human resources capacity. In addition, we should vigorously develop social services, catering, tourism, real estate, health care, education, mining machine , crushing machine and other industries, and multifaceted incentives and encouraged policies to support their development.The quality of Sand maker plays a vital role in the investment area of mechanism sand; it needs the whole sand making industry takes comprehensive specification and overall reform so that Sand...


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